“We have to admit that seeing their hard-rock six-pack abs and powerful legs helped us to get off the couch and embark back on running for our lives. And that made us start thinking about milestones. While we’re not trying to become the next Olympiad, we all can shoot for something attainable and equally hard: a marathon. Consider it a bucket list item that gives you the benefit of a beautifully crafted, fit bod. Yes, we know saying you’re going to train for a marathon is quiet easier said than done. So we spoke with marathon pro Jennifer Turner (pictured above), a 2012 ING/NYC Marathon Featured Athlete, who is currently training 32 women to participate in the 2012 Harlem Week Percy Sutton 5k Run/Walk on August 25th in New York City. Here, she gladly shares 5 tips new runners should follow when training for a marathon.”

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