MAD COOL FITNESS is an edutainment, multicultural, inclusive healthy lifestyle brand that combines behavior science and entertainment to activate people to be healthy long-term. Based on Dr. Turner’s personal wellness journey, rather than being a short-term program or solution, MAD COOL FITNESS helps people to learn how to be healthy using research on weight loss maintenance and behavior change theory in an entertaining, consumer-friendly way. Through MCF programs and content that increase health education and healthy lifestyle skill-building, people learn how to take control of their health, learn how to live healthy no matter what, and achieve unconditional, empowered fitness, MAD COOL FITNESS!  Not only are MAD COOL FITNESS programs based on behavior science and research, it is also based on Dr. Turner’s personal wellness journey as someone who has been healthy for over 20 years.

Non-profit mad cool Community

Dr. Turner founded sister non-profit MAD COOL COMMUNITY to deliver health programs to underserved communities. Using a social ecological approach, and leveraging findings from Dr. Turner’s research, MAD COOL COMMUNITY works with community organizations, in particular schools to design, implement, and evaluate health programs to help their constituents to live healthier.