JENNIFER TURNER was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and never met a Happy Meal or a chicken wing she didn’t like. As she began to outgrow her childhood life-threatening asthma, the effects of her diet became evident and she began to put on weight, a lot of weight. After many crash diets, gimmicks, and several plays of the first Jane Fonda workout video, she eventually lost weight in her teens by developing an eating disorder. Although she worked through the disorder, her lifelong struggle with weight and dieting continued. It wasn’t until 1998, while attending Stanford University, that Jennifer finally committed herself to going to the gym every day. For the first time she stopped weighing herself, focusing more on how she felt than her actual results. Although she was completely clueless in the gym, clad in her not-so-cute 1986 L.A. Gear cross trainers and Flashdance legwarmers, she stuck with it. And to great lengths: Jennifer would go on to complete 6 marathons, including the Boston Marathon (twice!), the New York City Marathon, and 11 triathlons — all while becoming a pretty mean salsa dancer.”

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