Motivational Mondays – What Most Fitness Sites Won’t Tell You

After a crazy weekend, it can be difficult to return to the bump and grind of Monday morning. Check out my post on MAD COOL FITNESS to get some inspiration on how to get through it!

No matter what happened, this week you get to start over. Not only food-wise, but also with the workouts. Let me say this: there are some days you are not going to work out. Period. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s rainy, you’re tired, you’re achy, sleepy, sneezy, grumpy, a little dopey, and wheezy (the 8th dwarf?)… we get it. Here’s what most fitness sites will not tell you: Some days working out sucks. (Continue Reading)


Congrats! It’s Friday. You made it through the week! So you’re headed into the weekend. Usually this is where “very bad things” can happen. If you’ve had a bad week, you may want to “stress eat”. If you’ve had a good week you may want to “reward yourself eat”. Either way… you’re eating. AND if you don’t live under a rock, aren’t personality-challenged, and have friends, then you will probably be out with them eating and drinking, possible up in the club, where some more “very bad things” can happen.

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MAD COOL FITNESS Segment Airing on WABC This Sunday Feb 3rd 12 noon EST


The local WABC News show “Here and Now” will be doing a piece on me and MAD COOL FITNESS airing this Sunday at noon EST on channel 7. Thanks to all the CREW members who came out to MAD COOL CARDIO class last Monday night and rocked it out. You ladies were fabulous! We showed them how we get down MCF style. Please tune in Sunday!




Happy New Year!

I hope 2013 is treating you fantastically well so far. Even if you have already fallen off the fitness wagon (or haven’t started on your New Year’s fitness resolution yet) put it all in a big ole lock box and move forward. This really can be a great year for you if you start with setting small, specific goals, with a PLAN.

One thing that can help you to achieve your fitness goals is to start with something fun. Something you would like to do, not have to do. My first fitness DVD and the first DVD for MAD COOL FITNESS, “MAD COOL CARDIO DANCE PARTY” is on sale now.


This is a little bit of a shameless plug but I am really proud of this DVD. Not because of me but because of the real women who participated in the DVD. These are “normal” women like you who are anything but normal. They did an AWESOME job and I really appreciate their commitment to inspiring others.

In addition to being an effective and fun workout for beginners and more seasoned fitness levels, interviews with the CREW are included. Hopefully you will get to know these amazing ladies and see a bit of yourselves in them.

That’s it That’s my pitch. Take a look when you get a chance. Let’s all work together to straight on the road to good health.




What a Year!

2012 has been an amazing year for me personally and for MAD COOL FITNESS. Here are some highlights:

  • We launched the website, establishing the brand and laying the foundation for what MAD COOL FITNESS will become in 2013.
  • We trained and touched the lives of hundreds of women through our fitness classes.
  • We officially launched MAD COOL CARDIO as its own unique dance workout and launched our first fitness DVD in New York City at premiere women’s fitness brand ATHLETA.
  • We launched MAD COOL COMMUNITY – a suite of wellness programs for organizations who want to offer their constituency holistic wellness tools:
    • MAD COOL HEALTHY SUPPORT – Online/offline wellness seminar covering nutrition, exercise, and productive stress management tools
    • MAD COOL CARDIO – High octane cardio dance workout using funk, pop, R&B, 80s/90s sounds for all fitness levels
    • MAD COOL RUN/WALK CREW – Run/Walk program that trains beginners to run or walk their first 5K race. Over 30 women participated in the summer training session and trained for the 2012 Percy Sutton 5K race in Harlem
  • CREW members exercised, changed what we ate, and lost weight – some over 30 pounds! But most importantly, we collectively developed positive feelings toward exercise, made great friendships and support relationships, and are all a little bit farther down the road in our journey to achieve happiness through long-term good health.

Click here to watch video highlights from the year:

Click here to look at photos from the year:

Looking forward to the future, here are a few MCF New Year’s Tips to help you to stick to your 2013 New Year’s resolutions.

To give you actual tools to support your wellness resolutions, coming in January 2013 the MCF site will re-launch with several new features, including 2 exciting new wellness products:

  • The CREW Basic for Beginners – 12-week holistic program (nutrition, exercise, support) targeted to beginners and those who have not worked out in a while and want to jumpstart healthy living in 2013
  • MAD COOL CARDIO DANCE PARTY DVD – Bringing a little bit of the class home to you. On sale at the NEW MCF Store.

Click HERE to sign up for notification when these products go on sale.

Locally in New York City, MAD COOL CARDIO and HEALTHY SUPPORT will be changing locations and moving to the heart of Harlem

Monday nights starting January 7th
Black River Dance
345 Lenox Ave (127th & Lenox)
6:30 -7:00pm Healthy Support
7:00 – 8:00pm MAD COOL CARDIO

It’s on a poppin’! Lots of work to do post holidays.

Click here to register

That’s it. 2012 was a blast but in 2013, we’re blowin’ up.

Wishing you blessings and good health.
And into the NEW You.

Have a MAD COOL Happy New Year!



MAD COOL FITNESS Perspective on What to Do to Position For New Year’s Resolution Success

What’s up MAD COOL FITNESS CREW! It is once again that time of year when we start the New Year with a promise of a new life, new you. Often we start out in a blaze of glory of what we’re going to do FOREVER, only to flame out just a smidge short of forever… in some cases with resolutions broken within a mere 48 hours!

The truth is we make common mistakes each year which keep us from positioning ourselves for success and therefore we fail to stick to our self-made promises. Quite frankly, we play ourselves….

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The day is finally here! THE MAD COOL CARDIO DANCE PARTY cardio workout is ready! Please join me Monday December 10th 6pm at the Athleta store on the Upper East Side, 86th and Third Ave New York City for the launch of my DVD.

Let’s get your holiday season off to a booty bumpin’ good start.



Summer of Ing: The Swimming, Biking, Run-A-Marathon Twice Diaries – CONCLUSION

What a week. Words cannot begin to encapsulate all of the events and emotions that have transpired in 7 short and yet so terribly long days. I certainly thought this time last week that my 8th marathon and conclusion of “The Summer of Ing” would end very differently.

Irrespective of where you were on the journey that ultimately concluded with the decision to not hold the ING New York City Marathon, the final decision was the correct one. It was the only decision that could give the city and runners collective emotional relief to move on with the process of healing, focus on rebuilding all communities of New York, and focus attention on people who really need help today.

The ladies of the MAD COOL RUNNING CREW were disappointed but of course understood why the 5K race the day before the marathon had been cancelled.  There were many tough things about this week. I was one of the fortunate ones who didn’t lose power and only lost a grill I didn’t know how to operate in the first place, so who cares.

For those who lost power, property, and homes and in some cases loved ones, I can’t even begin to understand the trauma that you have endured and in many cases still enduring. For even the fortunate ones, due to being sequestered to our homes, lack of transportation, there was an unsettling sense of isolation. New York normally is a very social city. People congregating and communing is a natural part of the rhythm of the city. We had none of this, this week. Alone we sat. Some of is in the dark.

So when one member from the MAD COOL RUNNING CREW suggested we hold our own 5K race, I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea. We met at the McDonald’s at 145th and Broadway. It was COLD! But we were so excited to see each other. We ran our 1.6 miles out and back on Riverside.  We laughed, felt energized, and then discussed the recovery effort and what we could do to help.

When I left them I was so moved, their spirit made me cry. I thought this is what New York is about. This is what community is about. This is what it means to be supported. This really is my CREW.

The next morning I went to Pathmark grocery. Bought as many supplies as my backpack and two hands could carry and headed to a hotel near Central Park to meet one of my fellow runners.  While waiting in the lobby, I saw runners from all over the world, with their various country signs and charities, gearing up to run in Central Park and then donate supplies. The thought of the miles they had traveled, the money they had raised for charity, the effort that had gone into prepping and training for this race (for many this their first marathon) the desire to honor their charitable commitments and run anyway, it made me cry. This sport is not about miles or times, it’s about heart and commitment. Their efforts were not lost on me.

When I arrived at the Staten Island Ferry, there were literally a thousand other runners there, all geared up with supplies ready to help.

After walking miles to get to areas with people who needed our help and feeling a little disheartened that maybe we were not going to be effective in our volunteer efforts, we finally came across a community that did need our help. We were also able to drop off supplies and help  with packing at a distribution center.

I can’t speak in the macro of how supplies will be disseminated, when, and to whom, but I can say for sure 3 families got items from me directly that hopefully will help them to be just a little bit more comfortable TODAY in this incredibly challenging time. One had a baby and really did need the diaper ointment and baby wipes. Others really did need the food, toothpaste and shampoo. Nothing meant more to me than to see they were really grateful and to hear from other community members that we really were helping and not being a nuisance.

So the “Summer of Ing” is over. It didn’t end the way I thought but it did end leaving me with a tremendous sense of gratitude for my friends and family, and a reminder of how truly fragile our lives are. We must help and support each other. We must think of others and we must live life to the fullest.

It didn’t end the way I expected, but it ended with the most important “ing” of all. An appreciation for living.



We are one week away from the ING New York City Marathon next Sunday November 4th. This will be my 8th marathon, my second marathon in a month, and my third race in three months, bringing to a close the “Summer of Ing”. And what a summer it’s been!

As I sit here on my couch surrounded by my patio furniture, having come from a CostCo run (I’ve got my CostCo chicken….I’m telling you there’s crack in this chicken), waiting for Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, I’m reflecting on the last few months and in a certain respect, the last 14 years.

I felt compelled to write something about why I lead an active lifestyle, and specifically, why I run.

When I first started going to the gym and running on the rickety treadmill in my business school dorm, it was really a last ditched effort to lose body fat, get my eating disorder under control, and get my health under control.

Fortunately, I was able to achieve these things and so much more. For me, running is a great stress release, an opportunity for me to connect with me, to feel completely integrated with my mind, body, and spirit. When I run I literally think in different dimensions, solutions to problems seem obvious, I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m in the Matrix baby!

Of course when I stop I have absolutely NO IDEA what just happened and I’m just as dazed and confused as before. But for those few hours I have candy in my heels and I’m ALIVE.

Every time I cross a finish line, I’m always amazed, then I think about my time, then I feel incredible gratitude. Gratitude for all of the stuff I went through with my health before, and to now have the opportunity to do these things today. I feel AMAZING. I feel like me, the REAL me.

I want everyone to feel that. It’s one of the main reasons I started MAD COOL FITNESS. I’m not suggesting everybody go out and run a marathon. Not at all. Even though I do them, I still think they’re kind of nuts. But I want people to emotionally connect to a physical activity, whatever it is, and through that activity push themselves, push their self-imposed boundaries of what they think they can and can’t do, and through that activity discover their TRUE SELVES and grow. When that happens, it really is MAD COOL.

This is why I run. This is why I run in the rain, the sun, the snow, in the early morning alone in the dark, when I’m tired, when I’m depressed because I know that feeling is waiting for me, just waiting for me to unlock it. This is why I run. Cheer for me!